The KED,

By: Homelife Green Team Realty

The KED, "a gift that's going to keep on giving for generations."

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The Kingsway Entertainment District is one of the most exciting projects happening in Sudbury right now. "The Kingsway Entertainment District will solidifiy the city as the hub of the North. We have space, we have the skills, and most importnatly, we have the vision to GROW GREATER." WOW! How's that for a vision statement for this building? 

Spearheaded by Dario Zulich (community leader, developer, Sudbury Wolves hockey team and Sudbury Five basketball team owner), this project just had all appeals against its development dismissed by the local planning tribunal, and he coudn't be more excited to bring this to Sudburians.

"There's my blood, sweat, tears, my life on the line. When I heard the news, I needed to pull over and compose myself because I was moved by the thought that it's over with. And we can move forward as opposed to this constant waiting. And I can't tell you how grateful I am right now. It's just a relief that I feel and I'm looking forward to the hard work ahead of us."